Adam Carolla: Broadcasting Pioneer


by Jason Ramaley

Adam Carolla is one of the most amazing success stories, despite having such uninspiring parents.

When the nine-year-old Carolla questioned his mother on why she doesn’t go out and get a job,  since Adam along with his older sister and mother barely got by on a monthly government stipend in which Adam’s Mom responded, “If I get a job I’ll lose my welfare.”  Adam Carolla was out of the house after barely graduating high school and briefly attended Los Angeles Valley College. At the age of 48, Adam Carolla found success in radio, television, as a New York Times best-selling author – twice, stand-up comedy, and now the podcasting network “Carolla Digital” – which includes Carolla’s daily podcast that became the Guinness World Records holder for the most downloaded podcast.

Carolla’s biggest challenge from day one of podcasting was how he could continue to deliver a free daily podcast for the listeners, while being able to afford the technology, warehouse space, equipment, and pay his employees a decent salary. In a recent interview conducted by Pasadena Weekly, the broadcasting visionary simply stated, “It is not about making a ton of money, doing live shows or doing stand-up or from advertising. It is a little bit here, a little bit there. Sell a book, sell a live show ticket, and at the end of the month it starts to add up.”

Carolla Digital continues to move forward by putting out innovative content that can be monetized.  Right now, the podcast show lineup also includes:

Ace on the House – A weekly home improvement show hosted by Adam and his childhood friend and general contractor Ray Oldhafer

Car Cast – Hosted by Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria covers everything from hot rods to super cars;

Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend – Adam Carolla’s news girl shares all the junk in her head in a fun weekly interview show;

Penn’s Sunday School – Hosted by Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau examine religious news, talk about monkeys, and anything else;

This Week With Larry Miller –  comedian Larry Miller tells stories from his own life, in the tradition of great American radio raconteurs like Jean Shepherd and Garrison Keillor.

Last but not least is The Dr. Drew Podcast where Dr. Drew Pinsky takes listener calls and talks to experts on a variety of topics relating to health, relationships, sex and drug addiction.  And don’t forget to tell a friend or co-worker about everything that is going on at


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