BITERS “So Many Nights”: See this music video before it gets banned – again!


BITERS “So Many Nights”: See this music video before it gets banned – again!.




Seekers from L.A. to New York are after a kind of rapture said to come only from a drug: ayahuasca, which devotees claim offers life-changing self-awareness, clarity, and insight. But first, you must get violently ill. Arianne Cohen takes the trip of her life.
My friend was glowing. Not post-sex glowing or good-makeup glowing or beach-vacation glowing. This was different. A moment earlier, I’d walked right past her on an otherwise empty sidewalk near my house in Portland, Oregon, not recognizing her until she touched me. Her body language seemed remade, lighter yet more deliberate. “Oh!” she laughed. “I’m just back from Peru. It’s probably the ayahuasca.”
Ah, ayahuasca. I had overachieving friends across the country who regularly attended ceremonies where they imbibed the hallucinogen—and gushed about the experience as transcendent, life-altering, mind-blowing. Purported by self-described shamans and a small body of research to cure what ails you emotionally, spiritually, and, to some extent, physically, ayahuasca is the yoga of drugs: Mushrooms and acid might open your eyes, but this heals. Or so I’d been told.
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The Truth About My Adderall Addiction


I took Adderall from the age of 18 until I was 24. That’s six years. That’s 2,190 days. I couldn’t tell you how many pills that is because some days I took one, some days I took four. 

I recently read that over 3.5 million American kids are currently taking some sort of ADHD medication: a 500% increase since 1990. According to various studies published in The New York Times, sales in US prescriptions for ADHD drugs like Adderall (such as Concerta, Ritalin, and Dexedrine) reached almost $9 billion. For the record, back in 2010, via a co-pay, I paid ten bucks for 120 pills.

The truth is that when I got my first prescription, I really did need it. Well, I guess I needed it in that #whitegirlproblems kinda way. I was going through a horrific breakup with a boyfriend, a horrific breakup with a group of friends, and felt completely overwhelmed by everything going on around me. I had no ability to concentrate on anything. I couldn’t stay awake during class. I couldn’t write a paper. I could barely make it through a day without taking, on average, three naps.

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