Atlanta’s Rock and Roll Prophet

Atlanta, GA is a great city with a lot to offer. If you don’t live in Atlanta you probably have the wrong impression of our city. Many of us refuse to acknowledge reality television, millionaire athletes, and synthetic music that employs electronic beats that have been proven to reduce a human’s brain activity.

There is something very special hidden inside this transient town that is getting ready to explode. Guitars, art, introspection and creativity with no limits gives us the ultimate freedom. It’s our path to the third eye.

There is no question who our Rock and Roll Third Eye is: Tuk Smith of the Biters. 1801180_10152394705263984_3423005524195842918_o While the Biters have been writing, recording, and organizing to unleash real rock and roll to the world, the Biters singer/songwriter/guitarist has been anything but idle. Continue reading