10 Awesome Ways to Use Nail Polish (Besides on Your Nails)

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nail polish paint Getty Images

If you’re anything like us, you hoard nail polish more than any other beauty product. Even if you just use each polish color one time, you still have a surplus of polishes, so you may as well put them to good use, right? Luckily, your prized collection is good for a lot more than just some DIY nail art. Below are 10 awesome unconventional ways to use nail polish. Tell us how you use your polish in the comments below!

1. Using one or two (or more, depending on how creative you are!) of your favorite polish colors, paint your earphones to add some fun. Stick to the remote control, plug, and the outer most part of the earphone for the best results.

2. Keep your desk neat and tidy by organizing folder tabs by nail polish. Store your financial papers in red folders, coupons in blue, personal letters in purple, or…

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