The Countdown to Halloween Ψ DOKKEN → Dream Warriors

Found a great little story about the making of this video.  Guitarist George Lynch reminisces –

“They built this elaborate horror set for us for the video. And we were in the trailers, you know they had production trailers. We’re suppose to be getting ready, and Freddy was all in make-up. So he looks like – he looks in ‘Nightmare on Elm Street”. Which was kind of bizarre to be sitting there talking to a guy that looks like that you know. He had the gloves with the blades on and we were doing coke (cocaine). So, he’s using his blade fingers, to serve up coke to everybody. With the knife hand thing. It was kind of surreal. I mean hey, that is a long time ago, that is what everyone was doing back in the day sorry, but it’s a true story.”

 “I was so high (on cocaine) during the making of that video. I couldn’t bust through the wall. There is a point in my guitar solo where I am suppose to come crashing through this wall. The wall is called a break away wall. It’s made, so that it looks like a real wall, but a fly could break through it, an infant could break through it. But I was so high and so weak I couldn’t even break through it. And they had to keep re-setting up the wall, and re-shooting it because I couldn’t fucking get through it. They thought, ‘Oh Lynch is buff, he’ll get through that thing no problem’ – which is why in the video, you watch it, I am laughing.”

George Lynch was and still is one the of the most amazing guitar players to ever walk the earth.  The Dokken album “Back For The Attack” is one of the greatest guitar albums ever.  If you don’t own it go buy it.

And please go read the rest of the story at METAL SLUDGE – one of the best music websites around!

And check out what George Lynch is up to right here → George


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