Jean Paul Gaultier • Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Couture • Vogue UK


JEAN PAUL GAULTIER bowed out of the ready-to-wear domain in 2014 to focus on couture, his efforts today an homage to the Breton he has so made his own during his fashion career. It was an ode to his sartorial signature: its stripes morphing from the traditional sailor-style top to jumpsuits and tights, to inflated circular skirts and as trimmings and accents here and there. It was the most Gaultier of Gaultier statements – something which the couture world enables a designer to do and which he was clearly embracing.

When it wasn’t a jaunty high-sea affair, it was as though he had sent his models off to the bazaars of Istanbul for patchwork rug dresses, jackets, skirts and trousers with thickly embroidered yellow yokes on velvet jackets.

Gaultier captivated his fans at the Vogue Festival back in April with his wit and charm, something which always manages to filter through his fashion – even if some of the pieces might be a little more complicated to win some people over with.

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Jacksonville guitarist shreds National Anthem so hard, cops are forced to arrest him ♠ Orlando Weekly


On July 4th, Jacksonville resident Lane Pittman, reached the pinnacle of rock by jamming the National Anthem so hard the cops were forced to arrest him. 

Technically, he was arrested for breach of peace, which is a misdemeanor. But nonetheless, Pittman’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” drew a crowd of nearly 200 people to the corner of First and Margaret streets.

According to WJXT, Pittman claims he was asked to move his guitar and amp from the street and on to the sidewalk, which he did. However, after his performance, he was still arrested by officers from the Neptune Beach Police Department.

You can watch the guitar solo and arrest below. 

“I don’t think I ever played that song as good in my life as I did on that day. It felt right. It was an emotional roller coaster,” said Pittman.

“Out of respect for the national anthem, they let them finish the National Anthem,” Neptune Beach Police Chief David Sembach told WXJT. “He was told he was going to have to stop playing. He went to the sidewalk and continued playing, and it was only after that that the crowd was getting hostile, so the only way to stop it, since he wasn’t going to stop playing, was to take him out of the location.”

Pittman has hired an attorney and claims the officers were rude and arrested him without an explanation or reading him his rights.