Gunpowder Gray ♠ Dr. Boogie Live in Atlanta ⊗ 4/23/16

Rock n’ Roll is alive and well in Atlanta, GA.  Here is a bit of what you missed if you didn’t show up to The Star Bar!

Gunpowder Gray Performing their latest song ‘Straight To Hell’

Dr. Boogie brought the rock n’ roll as well ♦



Scientifically Backed Ways To De-Stress ♦ ELLE Australia

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Move more, stress less.

Stress is a universally awful feeling. It’s a response triggered when we perceive something to be a threat – that could be a lion who thinks we look like lunch (which it may have been back when cavemen roamed the earth) or a stern email from an unimpressed boss.

It’s also known as the “fight or flight” response, and the physical side-effects are the same irrespective of the situation we’re in, but because we (presumably) have no real lions to escape from, we’re left with all of our stress response’s nasty side-effects, like a high heart rate, heavy breathing, excessive sweating, and headaches.

If left unchecked, it can increase your risk of developing serious long-term health conditions like hypertension, depression, and anxiety.

Fortunately, scientists have used their resources to pin down a number of sure-fire ways to relieve the nastiness that comes with a high-pressure week at work, trying emotional time, or bad news:

Breathe deeply

No, it’s not a cliché. When we’re feeling stressed, we (often unknowingly) inhale and exhale at a more rapid rate, so taking slow, deep, even breaths forces your body to operate the way it does when you’re feeling relaxed. The extra boost of oxygen can help to relieve pent-up stress and reduce tension by stimulating the “parasympathetic reaction” – or the mechanism that helps us relax.

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Start by simply breathing in and out through your nose for a count of four, maintaining the same pace on the next breath. There, don’t you feel better already?

Rock out to the classics

No, that doesn’t mean your dad’s Rolling Stones records. Research from the Science University of Tokyo showed that classical music like Mozart and Bach slows the heart rate and stimulates the part of our brains responsible for sleep and emotional activity. It also helps to release tense muscles and breathe both more evenly and more deeply. Continue reading

The 18 Coolest Wedding Dresses From Bridal Fashion Week – Nylon Magazine


See Valentino’s Tribute to Wonder Woman


Photo: Valentino

Photo: Valentino

2016 might be the year street art fully infiltrated the luxury fashion house. Off the heels of Gucci’s graffiti-heavy collaboration with Gucci Ghost, Valentino is teaming up with Roman street artist SOLO to present a live-in-store visual experience exclusively at their Milan, Rome, and New York flagships.

In celebration of the brand’s latest capsule collection — a Wonder Woman–inspired string of items dedicated to the strength and mental dexterity of women — SOLO will create a reinterpretation of the DC comic superhero icon unique to each city hosting the artwork. While you can shop the Wonder Woman capsule through the summer, the live performance will only run from today through April 22 at their Fifth Avenue flagship.

Photo: Valentino

Photo: Valentino

White sneakers, $975, available at select Valentino stores.

Photo: Valentino

Photo: Valentino

Bag, $4,845, available at select Valentino stores.

Photo: Valentino

Photo: Valentino

Coat, $4,950; top, $3,590; pants, $1,200; sneakers, $1,145; headbands, $995 available at select Valentino stores.

Photo: Valentino

Photo: Valentino

Coat, $25,800; top, $3,590; bottoms, $1,100; sneakers, $1,145; headband, $995 available at select Valentino stores.

The installation will be exclusively presented in Valentino Flagship Stores worldwide: Milano, Montenapoleone — April 10, 2016; Rome, Piazza di Spagna — April 14, 2016; New York, Fifth Avenue — April 20, 2016.

New Music Gunpowder Gray rekindles a bygone era with ‘Straight to Hell’

Posted By on Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 10:34 AM

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Two years have passed since blues-rock and classic metal outfit Gunpowder Gray’s self-titled debut arrived via Atlanta metal stronghold Boris Records. Since then, the group has gone through a few lineup changes. Original drummer Joey O’Brien’s blistering tour schedule with Biters opened the door for Justin Smith to join. Lead singer Nate Godbee also left the band, shifting guitarist Chris Heffernan to the forefront.

“Straight to Hell” offers the first look at a second EP the group is shopping around to record labels. The song’s soaring riffs and choruses give a nod to a bygone era for metal, when the system catered to rock stars who told sordid tales from life on the open road.

Check out the Gunpowder Gray’s new song right here!

Gunpowder Gray, Dr. Boogie, and Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb play the Star Bar on Sat., April 23. $8. 9 p.m. 437 Moreland Ave. 404-500-4942.