Who in the hell is this dutch kid buying up all the Kerrang!??? I’m Danish, not Dutch. Stories from back in the day when the kid from Denmark, Lars Ulrich moved to Newport Beach


Bob Nalbandian Gives A Lesson In The History Of Metal


Deep Purple’s musical legacy stands alone. Deep Purple needs no awards – Just Say ‘No, No, No’


DEEP PURPLE – Ian Gillan – vocals, Steve Morse – guitar, Roger Glover- bass, Ian Paice – drums, Don Airey – keyboards/organ

The current lineup of Deep Purple is busy making music and touring.  Maybe Deep Purple can send that place/memorabilia museum a gold record or something.  Let’s commemorate Deep Purple by going out and buying some of their music.  If you haven’t heard ‘Perfect Strangers’ start to finish go buy it now! Great guitar playing. Great musicianship.  The first two  videos below are from the “Mark II” lineup.  RIP Jon Lord.  The third video is from the current lineup, which is off of Deep Purple’s 2013 album ‘Now What?!’

No, No, No

Perfect Strangers

Vincent Price