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Deep Purple’s musical legacy stands alone. Deep Purple needs no awards – Just Say ‘No, No, No’


DEEP PURPLE – Ian Gillan – vocals, Steve Morse – guitar, Roger Glover- bass, Ian Paice – drums, Don Airey – keyboards/organ

The current lineup of Deep Purple is busy making music and touring.  Maybe Deep Purple can send that place/memorabilia museum a gold record or something.  Let’s commemorate Deep Purple by going out and buying some of their music.  If you haven’t heard ‘Perfect Strangers’ start to finish go buy it now! Great guitar playing. Great musicianship.  The first two  videos below are from the “Mark II” lineup.  RIP Jon Lord.  The third video is from the current lineup, which is off of Deep Purple’s 2013 album ‘Now What?!’

No, No, No

Perfect Strangers

Vincent Price



The Secret to Candice Swanepoel’s Skin

ELLE Exclusive:

The Angel doesn’t just wake up like this (ok, maybe a bit).


As Max Factor’s global ambassador, Candice Swanepoel gets to glean makeup tips from the best in the business – like the brands Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath. When she’s not travelling to far flung locations for a shoot or walking the runway in frilly bits of lace, she’s blending up homemade face masks in her kitchen.

Describe a standard day.  

Waking up at 7am, getting ready for work, making breakfast or a quick smoothie. I could be going to the airport, or being on a photo shoot. After work I either spend time with loved ones take my dogs for a walk or do a yoga class if I have energy. I love to be at home if I have a day off, FaceTiming my family, catching up on sleep and organising my days so I can be properly prepared.

What’s the secret to great looking skin? 

Regular exfoliation and using a good illuminator. I use a sunscreen everyday which also can give a nice glow.

What are your makeup essentials?

I’m combination/oily so I use Max Factor Facefinity Compact [$31.95, 1800 181 040] and blotting papers to keep the shine in check. I always have on mascara and a compact foundation on me – I’m currently using Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara [$23.95, 1800 181 040] as it helps build big lashes really quickly. I also always have some lip balm to keep lips hydrated and some eye drops.

You’ve worked with makeup extraordinaire Pat McGrath a lot of your career. What’s been your favourite?

I’ve had so many unforgettable moments with Pat. I met her when I first started modelling when I was in Milan doing the make-up looks for Dolce & Gabbana. She took my hand in such a motherly way that I will never forgot that moment. It’s really amazing to work with her through Max Factor after all these years that I have been working and now that I’m at a different stage of my career. I have a very special place for her in my heart. Aside from the person she is, her make-up is the best in the industry. The way she can transform you is unbelievable, it’s an art. It’s beyond make-up.

What’s the best tip she’s taught you? 

I’ve taken tips from many brilliant make-up artists, including Pat McGrath. She taught me all about contouring, which when done right can look amazing. It’s really important to find the right colours and shades for your skin tone. What may suit one person, make-up styles or colours, may not suit you.

What other brands do you use?  

I’m usually in search for a more natural approach to my beauty products, so using things you would normally find in your fridge, like coconut oil, yoghurt, honey, fresh avocado, persimmon fruit. I started making my own face masks when I was a little girl.






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